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    School Trips-

    Two years ago when I was in 6th grade, my class went to England for a week. They put us all into different families (2-4 per each) which was... well...:blush: It was really fun! We went all over South England and we visited Bath, Cheddar, London (obviously!!) etc. We visited up to three museums...
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    Season 5 5.01 Script?

    Annoyingly i'm stuck in Finland, they just showed "Ice" yesterday(4.04)!! I'm dreadfully curious about what happened in 5.01. Can someone provide a script of the show or just say what happened there? would really appreciate it.
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    Hi! Newbie from far north,lol!

    Hei Outi, olen Laura myös Suomesta. Asun Helsingissä. Trans: Hello, I'm also from Finland!
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