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    The Walking Dead Survivor Redux!

    Maggie +5 Merle -5
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    A memory for iCollectGhosts

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    Maggie is Hot!

    She's really pretty. Also, a good actress she also has a good personality.
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    Last Watched

    I watched Community. The most amazing TV show ever.
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    Congrats to our New Year's Eve Marathon Winner!

    :eek: You didn't take the comics. Nice walker btw.
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    The Walking Dead - A Tattoo Collection

    All those look good!
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    The Walking Dead Survivor Redux!

    +4 Shane -4 The Gov
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    What happened to Hershel's leg? and...

    They probably buried it, but I would have loved for them to throw it around as a distraction or something. That would be cool.
  9. legokiba213 Questionnaire - Please Respond

    Found through Forum Promotion and I stayed because I love TWD. I think the site is great the only improvement that can be made is more discussion.
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    Hello fellow fans :)

    Welcome to the site don't worry we all have weird fears. :ROFLMAO:
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    Evening fellow dead

    Agreed, I love not knowing what will happen next. Welcome to AWB.ME by the way! :)
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    The Walking Dead Survivor Game

    I'm actually all for that just because I would save a lot of the characters that have been killed off.
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    The Walking Dead Survivor Game

    +8 Maggie -8 Axel Don't try to fight it Stewart, Axel will be killed by me.
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    Member Profile Images

    Nice add! Will need to find/make a Maggie one.
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