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    When Does Your School Start?

    August 23
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    Pirates Of The Carribean 2

    I loved it! I think it was better than the first. In the first one there's parts that I found boring but this one was good! I liked the comedy in it but I do like most comedy movies so that might be why. And I'm not an avid fan of POTC I mean I like it but I'm not crazy over it. I still liked...
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    World Cup Germany 2006

    Well I'm glad Germany got 3rd. I was pulling for France though. I agree with others. PK's are about luck. The Italians played well but I think France deserved it.
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    World Cup Germany 2006

    Yesyesyes! France beat Brazil. I am so happy. I wanted Brazil out. I dont like em' Poor England though. I guess I'm rooting for Germany now. Though I;m starting to like France. Dont care much for the I-talians.
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    World Cup Germany 2006

    Poor Aussies. I sort of wanted them to beat the Italians but I wasn't really rooting for anyone in that game. Go Germany and England!! :up: :D :soccer2:
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    It's not done yet. I have to fix a few things and the eyebrows. Plus the skin is bugging me -_-
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    I shall be the supreme ruler of my country. No one messes with ME :lol:
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    boo boo be do

    I'm not a newb but I think I'll slide in anyway. Hello and all that jazz :)
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    hermione and snape

    I think the real question is Would anyone sleep with Snape? :P
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    Non-Alias Wallpapers

    Thanks Cynthia!
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    Non-Alias Wallpapers

    texture: whenitcomes brushes: yumei_k, anais_dirge images:
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    "Delusional" - the Emerson conflict

    I was afraid someone might flame me if I posted but.. ... That was hilar-i-ous
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    Family Guy

    Peter: I find this meatloaf rather shallow and pedantic I love that eppy :lol:
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    Non-Alias Wallpapers

    i'll add credits later :asleep:
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