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    Season 3 The Torture Scene

    anyone want to start a petition to jj to require that at least once in EVERY alias eppy...a guy takes off his shirt? ps.....sloane.....does NOT count lol
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    How did we get into alias?

    ok....i thought it would be cool if we had a topic where people could tell how they got into alias. did you just turn it on one day? did you watch from the beginning? did a friend recruit you? MY STORY: I always thought it would be stupid when my friend arlie tried to explain it tm me. but one...
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    Season 5 Latest Kirstin Chat

    juice_0014 asks: Who is Nadia working for? The covenant? Sloane? Kristin replies: Okay, since you Alias FREAKS (what is it with you people and that show? he hee) won't let up on this, I will answer. Yes. And Yes. so....if my train of thinking is correct....if nadia is working for the covenant...
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    Alias Quote Conversations

    If they see us together, they will kill us.
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