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    The number 47

    well probably, they're symbol is on the one dollar bill.
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    The number 47

    also, if your really intrested, and decide you want to look deeper. keep in mind the freemasons, the knight templar, the history of religion, the history of world changing events, disasters, and of course the us government. fyi- did you know that the capitol, d.c., is designed according to the...
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    The number 47

    i'm surprised this is so hidden from you all. the fact that 47 has a place in alias so much is quite realistic. it is not 47, rather it's sum. 4+7=11. it's somewhat well-known in the literary community that the pages 47, 65, 93, and any other number equaling 11 are usually essential pages to...
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    Season 3 DVD Cover Art

    mmmmmm.....yes......we must have it.....yes......mmmmmmmm....yessss :reallyexcited:
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    Season 2 just finished season 2

    what a series, i was actually quite skeptical of it when i first heard about it. then my sis bought the 1st two seasons on dvd, so why not try? and once i began, i had to see more. what a ride. i have been fortunate enough to get to watch every episode in sequence. although, now i'm stuck in a...
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