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    C & C jimi hendrix

    new style comment
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    C & C tupac

    new style comment :)
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    C & C Iverson

    comment :)
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    C & C Pharrell

    comment :)
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    C & C Clint eastwood

    not being funny but this forum doesnt give any constructive comments to be honest how you expect people o improve when yol not tell the problems and the good points
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    C & C Clint eastwood

    comments please :)
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    C & C Ribery

    well i like making soccer sigs so basically deal with it to be honest give me a sudjestion on what to make ?
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    GFX SOTW #7 Entries

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    C & C Slowly coming back.

    looks ok but to me just looks like the sites logo with one texture around it, think the reflection could have been better, needs more work for me, kiu
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    C & C tmac.

    think the effect makes it look a little low quality, text can be better not fitting so well, background is ok but again i think effect spoils it could have better colour aswell, kiu
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    C & C Recon

    text is fine probly can be positioned better though, smudge work is nice, colours are fine but maybe bring more of the colours out, dont like the left part of border, kiu
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    C & C groovy Brew

    looks too simple, needs more work, not sure on the brushes, not much going on, maybe some text
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    C & C Ribery

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    C & C 3 new sigs

    comment :)
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    Resources Macky17g cut/renders

    Saving private ryan