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    Should Jen Be Wonder Woman?

    I think she makes a very good canidate!! Her figure, her smile, her charm, her action style, she is a good fit for this character. Not sure who will get it though. Cant wait to see either.
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    JG compatibility test

    OMG here is what I got: JG: physical: 100 Emotional: 100 Intellectual: 98 Total: 99 I kid you not. I even did a screen capture to prove it haha (ask if you wanna see it :lol: ). Too funny. ANd I even went back and tried about 15 or 20 other celebs, and I didnt even come close! Makes me smile...
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    Coffee Crisis in Boston

    Well I am no Red Sox fan nor a Bostonian, but sometimes when ya get married sacrifices have to be made. Say for instance he lives closer and being that little ones dont care about your schedule, he just took what he could get! Just a theory haha.
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    Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck V

    Her interview recently have been great. She seems very relaxed. I did miss most of her Regis and Kelly one though. I wish her the best and hope she doesnt stop making movies and shows though :)
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    Politics USA: Politics, the Government, etc.

    Yeah I think it is very insane how we are watched these days. The new government is the worst ever, and I hope America fights back for its freedoms that we are sending our troops to die for. I hope that the ignorance soon stops and we get rid of the GOP and take back the White House and the Capital
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    ABC moves GA to Thursdays 9PM

    Yeah, up against CSI, I sure hope it can take that ratings crunch. Thank God for TiVO!
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    Finn VS McDreamy

    Yeah there ya go! That is a good match up, that way at least the selfishness of Derek and Meredith would be less hurtful.
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    Three Minutes

    Some very interesting things going on. Especially who they want. I just dont know, everything I have assumed about this show hasnt been all that close. I do think that Jack and Sawyer need to just cool their jets and admit they are in this together. I cannot imagine those two not being friends.
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    Season 5 Rambaldi's endgame ?

    I have a feeling its all tied, especially to Syd, but I have no idea how they will do it.
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    Season 5 Who will be the main death of Alias ?

    THink Jack will have to sacrifice himself to save Sydney, I sure hope not, but I just have this bad feeling. I just hope that the writers will make it as happy of an ending as possible and not mess up a great show.
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    Season 5 React: No Hard Feelings

    Great episode!! Great show, I am so sad its almost over. I mean maybe it is time, but I am still very sad.
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    Season 5 maybe vaughn is not dead

    That is a new one. I know he will be back for a few episodes, but there is no way they would do that to a character on Alias
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    Season 5 people we need a father! vaughn come back please

    I dont think they are bringing him back, the preview was hiding things and it didnt look like his is back to me
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    Season 5 Rate: "Prophet Five"

    I am not sure he is dead, although I have a feeling of emptiness, although I am thinking that its because of the high possibility of the show going off. I am angry with the writers to even play with this though. If he is dead, its too bad that these people think viewers need death for ratings. I...
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    Season 4 Vaughn - Rambaldi Connection?

    Thats not a bad theory. Actually might be interesting. Hmmm. have to wait and see.