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    British Comedies

    Ian La Frenais co-wrote Porridge and he was indeed Michael Vartan's father in law.
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    Game collections (who has what)

    Yeah, I sort of agree. But I buy a game to play, not to watch. If I wanted to watch a film I'd buy a DVD. The first Metal Gear Solid was brilliant, no denying. Creeping into the toilets and placing C4's on a guard's back whilst they were pissing was great fun. I just prefer Splinter Cell now...
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    What's your favourite sport?

    Through to the Rugby World Cup final again!!! Beating the Aussies, beating the French. All we need now is Argentina beating South Africa, and us thrashing the Argies. That would make it the sweetest victory of all time.
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    David Anders Talks to Entertainment Weekly about Heroes

    Do you reckon they realise that song is about masturbation?
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    Politics 22 year old guy having sex with 16 year old girl

    What's wrong with that? I had sex when I was 16, granted it wasn't with a 22 year old, but not for the want of trying. :wink:
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    Four Months Later

    It was Peter. Clearly. The hair is a give away...Actually, I just looked again. It's Nathan. :blush:
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    British Comedies

    Ahh, Ricky Gervais, one the most over-rated people of all time. The Office was fantastic, no doubt about it. But everything he's done since is poor. Extras was just terrible, his stand ups have funny parts but nothing special. I went to see him when he came to Ipswich. Just under thirty notes...
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    Anyone see the ManUre Chelsea game earlier? Very good game. Carrick played so well, the best I've ever seen him play in fact. It was a harsh red card for Mikel, but he's a dirty bastard and he's got away with far worse in the past. It would've been interesting if Mourinho was still in charge...
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    Wait until you leave school and enter the real world. Believe me, school IS the best time of your life. It's basically a youth club where you meet all your mates. I've found out, that none of it really matters, your grades mean nothing, especially when you apply for a job alongside someone who...
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    I need new music!

    Stereophonics' new album Pull The Pin is brilliant! Could possibly be better than You Gotta There To Come Back, which would make it their third best album.
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    British Comedies

    How can Ant and Dec be mentioned in a topic entitled British Comedies? :lol:
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    Sexuality Preference

    I'm straight. I don't mind queers, really I don't. I do, however, hate those fairy little blokes who prance around. Yes, you're gay, get over it. Why do they feel the need to rub it in your face (so to speak)? Why do they feel the need to talk with a lisp? Walk like they've constantly got one...
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    Politics This may make you feel old but.........

    Jesus. Let it lie, people. It's been 10 years. So bored of hearing about it. Yes it was sad, yes she was far too young. But it's time to get over it. All these TV shows are so rubbish. There was no murder, it was just a tragic accident. The only thing more boring than hearing about Diana's...
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    Politics Hyppcrites

    I think both I and White_Rabbit are aware of that. I ALWAYS pick up on Americans using a 'Z' (pronounced Zed, by the way) rather than an 'S'. Does my nut in.
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    Random #285

    After the Red Hot Chilli Peppers. Sad I know...