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    Request MeGaMan08 - Akademikz Pick up

    Haha. Emergenc im on man. Its christmas so i couldnt get online. But yea the logo is cool. Thank you.
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    Request Singles Ladder Logo and Avy Request

    Size (No bigger than 400x300):GB Logo and Avy Sizes Text:The AkaDeMiKz Avy Text:MLG Colors:Black and Green from render Sub-Text:Drop. Shot. Reload. Game/Render requested (post links): Style requested (grunge, tech, light, no...
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    Request Gamebattles Singles Logo and Avatar *CLOSED*

    Size (No bigger than 400x300):Logo=300x200 Avatar=64x64 Text:The Akademikz Avatar Text:aKa Sub-Text:GeT Like Me Game/Render requested (post links): Colors:Black and colors to match the render. Have avatar the same colors too...
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    Request Logo and Avy Request *Completed*

    Size (No bigger than 400x300):Logo 300x200 Avy 64x64 Text:Fashion City Dubz Sub-Text:None Game/Render requested (post links): Style requested (grunge, tech, light, no choice):Designer Choice Contact...
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    Request sig Request *QUICKSHOT* allowed to rerequest

    Size (No bigger than 400x300):Regular Sig Size Text:iAkaDeMiKz xX Sub-Text:None Game/Render requested (post links): Style requested (grunge, tech, light, no choice):Designer Choice Contact Info:Just message me on site when ready :D...
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    Request Yhadii

    I think its sweet. I like the One and Only on the gun :D
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    GFX Call Of Duty 4 Sign Up?

    Yea ill sign up Let me talk to my team leader. i have 1 question tho? How did you get your team page all BOLDED like that??
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    C & C Agust, so far

    Nice sigs man Loogs First person in a WHILE who used Keira Knightley Nice Bro.
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    Request Request For Clan Logo *CLOSED*

    Type:Logo and Avatar 300x200 and 64x64 Text:Team [P]aRaLy[Z]e Text Color:Light Blue,Black and White Extras:MLG Logo in Bottom right Thanks
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    C & C MeGaMaNs Sigs

    My third Text sigs.
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    Graphic Sponsorship: READ HERE

    GFX Sponsor Application Name:Keoni aKa FraNcHiZe Team name:Team [P]aRaLy[Z]e GB page: Age:17 Rank:Team Rank-707 Game:COD4 Contact:XBL GT:ii FraNcHiZe X and AIM-bboyalchemiist Additional info: We have allready a sponser...
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    Wow. You mustve had some bad times in GB. its not all bad but yes its all fake people and cheaters. Its hard to get noticed any where else tho.
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    Cod4 Info?

    GT-ii FraNcHiZe X Fav Map-District,Crash,Ambush, and Vacant Fav Gun-M16 and MP5 Red Dot and P90 Perks-3 stuns/Clay, Stopping Power/Jugg and Dead Silence
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    Resources ~Official EA Advertisement Sigs~

    Sweet man. Nice work.
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    Resources QUICKSHOTs Fan Tag

    Im wearing it for sure. Hold on let me put it in :D
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