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    Season 5 Countdown to Prophet 5

    hello alias galaxy!!! i need a dvd of tonight!!! cant be near a tv!!! forgot to set the recorder (dont kill me) please! david godems@hotmail thank you
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    Politics Bush

    listen my fellow citizens of the world i have lived awhile and not since the watergate debacle and the shameful resignation of richard nixon have i felt embarrassed by a president but from the day he was put in power by our misguided supreme court, day by day he outdoes himself with ignorance...
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    What movie did you just watch?

    the longest yard better than expected
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    What's your best feature?

    my voice my shoulders my connection to God (ok 3 things)
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    whats your worst trait?

    the wretched propensity to fear for the worst, especially when there exists no evidence so to do...
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    What kind of mood are you in #2?

    "you're a great guy but i need to tell you that i consider you a good friend but i kind of would rather keep it that way" or words to that effect
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    Politics Depression

    humble question: are anti-depressants over-prescribed? is there no other way up and out?
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    Politics Karl Rove and Valerie Plame

    karl rove (known also as porky pig) is a fascist idealogue who deserves prison for knowingly revealing the identity of a noc operative of the cia
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    What kind of mood are you in #2?

    a tad fearful but moderately hopeful :rolleyes:
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    What would make you happy/er right now? #2

    1) a week in tahiti 2) 3 million in the bank 3) a new bentley i'll think of some more...
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    What are you SUPPOSED to be doing right now2

    enjoying my summer and i'm not doing a bad job of it... :)
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    What time is for you people? 2

    1710 hours 7 july 05
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    Politics Have You Ever Had Your Heart Broken?

    i'm an old pro at this and it stings the soul wouldn't wish it on anyone...
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    stuff that rocks

    my precious friend sam and my job, which i love... :)
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