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    Creating an iOS + Android app for my community!

    Chatwing is a great chat room software for group chat if you want to install live chat on your website. I've used chatwing on my website for 2 years, its awesome. I have not used they're chat app builder yet but am considering launching an app too.
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    Horror Horror Movie Remakes

    I would like to watch a horror movie tonight (Ghost Relate). Could you suggest me any of them?
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    I need your help!

    Hello mate, Hope you'll help me to get a good ghost movie which I would like to watch tonight. That's must be fearful. So that I feel nervous. I will wait for your reply.
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    New member who loves science fiction; books and film…

    I am also a great lover of books. Whenever I get free time don't hesitate to sit on the chair with a book. For me I usually like to read detective books.
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    Random thoughts.... post yours!

    This is the natural. Kids learn from old guys.
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    Sci-Fi Life (2017)

    You are trying to say that American Politics will make people live along?
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    Help me list 100 future technologies or inventions?

    Superb listing. But I am confused that can they happen in future?
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    Which SHTF Scenario scares you the most?

    Power Revolution really scare me all the time.
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    hey mate!

    I am not much sure it's cool or hot but I love to drive "Noah" a lot.
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    hey mate!

    Hello guys, Greetings! Hope everyone here doing great so far. I am new member into this community. I would like to introduce myself with you guys. I am a simple guy. I love to travel onto various places. And also love to drive different cars. Thanks for your time!
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