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    Sci-Fi Fantastic Four (2005)

    so i was surfing and found out about the new Fantastic Four movie. Apparently the plot is when the FF meet the Silver Surfer. they dont have much but if u want to read about it, go here and search fantastic four its supposed to come out in '07. Man am I excited!!! :D ok, well im off to go...
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    GFX UAG2E Needs Help!

    i can probly put in a few drawings
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    Hero's Journey should not....

    o yes, i almost forgot. i dont want to see strange drop rates for quesets (ex. the quest is to collect 12 raptor heads. it takes u 25 kills to collect all 12 heads) so...does that mean more than half the raptors out there are running around without heads??? i personally thought this very...
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    A wizard Idea

    im sure there will be some way to create lighning using wyr, there just wont be a category or branch for it.
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    Quirky Flavah!

    my favorite was in WoW. i played a mage and if i jumped off of a tall building or off a zeppelin, just before i would hit the ground i could blink (teleport) and then be on the ground and suffer no falling damage.
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    Hero's Journey should not....

    alright, first of all i have to totally agree w/ jon, no loading screens! i hate hate hate them with a passion! second, plz no lame landscape separating areas in the game. i couldn't help but notice that in WoW every zone was separated by mountains. MOUNTAINS! thats just rediculous. (actually...
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    Character Bios

    hmmm...seems a bit familiar, jon *wink*
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    Superman Returns

    ok, yea thats understandable. waht i meant to say as *unique* was not the generic powers like flying or superstrength. ya know?
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    Superman Returns

    i suspect it would be a good movie and all from the commercials, but i dont really like superman. i think its really lame how *everyone* from his planet has those superpowers. superheroes who have unique powers and interesting stories just interest me more i guess.
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    Post a picture of you.

    p.s. im sorry if i screwed something up or w/e cuz my pics r too big
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    Post a picture of you.

    jonDDa and I w/ our hookers. im the one with a bottle of captain morgan.
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    Post a picture of you.

    and this is me... chillin on teh prehistoric comp playin my sax w/ my long hair w/ my current hair. jedi ftw
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    Post a picture of you.

    :lol: Alright Xblood, now you aren't the only black person on our forums i was xtremely bored a few weeks back, so i decided to turn jonDDA black... this is before after
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    What if crafting wasn't in HJ? Ever.

    *Jon sneaks on to Mike's computer* Correct me if I'm wrong, but can you not level up your weapons and armor? So there would be no need to buy different items, except for if you wanted a hammer instead of a sword. I think they should have crafting + Wyr crafting. And when I say crafting, I...
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