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    How Far?

    How far along is Jen with the baby?
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    Season 5 Syd & Vaughn

    No, they should have Weiss being that he's an exalted minister of the Internet Church of Mammals and all... I loved that scene!
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    Season 5 I found these spoilers on

    Uhhhhh... I don't think so.
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    Season 5 Syd & Vaughn

    Ohohohohohoh! I am smiling more than my face can endure right now!!! I need to think of something sad before my cheeks go numb... QUICK, someone, mention something sad!
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    Season 5 Elena Derevko

    Aha. Sophia Braga is Elena Derevko, announced on spoiler fix. I guess that's fine... But I still think it'd would've been more Alias-ish if it was Olivia Reed! :P
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    Who is the better looking sister?

    I voted Nadia. Sydney kicks more butt, but Nadia is prettier. Plus, Nadia's face is more fresh while we've seen Syd for 4 years.
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    Season 5 Elena Derevko

    4/13 - We have seen Elena Derevko before. We will eventually find out who was the head of the Covenant. Dixon will have the mother of all news for Sydney. Source: Jinnie Well, I was freaking out, breathless, AND speechless after reading this. So, I wondered and I wondered, thought after...
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