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    GFX Pet Peeves

    when my photoshop dosent open
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    Pizza or Tacos?

    pizza im ittalian XD
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    What do you put on your pizza?

    any thing i can find
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    Your fav drink?

    hmmm carottt juice yummy!
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    Hey its Super Lums

    replying cause i want 2 yea i guess so. tutorials would be nice im havn trouble but im getting better at my work practics, practice me and falco boy opened a shop at the forums but it's not that active oh well.
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    GFX MKSR_Super luma's NEWBIE sigs :D

    im new to sig making but im improving this is my work :mrgreen: User Barz
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    GFX help

    oh okay thnx and i use photoshop cs3 :D
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    .......HEyA its me shadow!

    hey welcome :) enjoy urself
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    GFX help

    know any good backgrounds?
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    Wii, PS3, or 360?

    Wii si awesome :lol:
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    Any other Paper Mario fans out there?

    yea i loved playing paper mario its so fun
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    Hey its Super Lums

    hey Guys im new to the whole graphics stuff but i like doin it :)
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