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    The Edge of Everything I Wanted

    so so so cute!!! I cant wait for more! :D
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    For Better or Worse

    this is so sad!!! but so very good like all of your other fic. i hope they find a solution soon!
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    that was super cute!!! i loved how you explained her relationships! keep up the great work!
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    i really like this!! if you are sending out pms i would really like one!!
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    On The Nile

    this looks good!! can you add me to ur PM list if you have one??
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    Your Number One Fan

    this sooooo cute!!! cant wait for more!! can i plz have a pm?!?!?!
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    From the Bottom of My Heart

    This looks sooo good!!! can i get a pm??
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    When A Heart Breaks

    this looks good!! can i get a pm??
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    this looks really good!! can i get a pm??
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    Valentine Kiss

    this looks good! can i have a pm!
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    Crossing Lines

    thats was sooo cute!!! i love this story!
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    omg!!! i love wiess!!!! this was suoer cute!!! o loved it cant wait for more!
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    Red Skies at Dawn (COMPLETE)

    this looks really good can i get a pm when u update!!!
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    ~True Love~

    omg!!! that is funny!! cant wait till u update again
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    ~True Love~

    that was awsome!!! i cant wait till u update again!!! i love this story so plz hurry and update
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