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    RP Feature Suggestions

    Well I don't know about banning ooc talk at all... I personality like having the ability to talk ooc if nessassary or even just to talk with friends (though thats ussually just using tells). Sometimes I might ask for a tip occ that my character would never ask.. something involving game...
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    RP Feature Suggestions

    I'd love to see the sitting, laying down and other various emotes. It just helps to bring situations more alive and interesting. Another neat one would be the bardic music, being able to play different instruments and play the songs. Maybe have a list of songs you can learn or have learned via...
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    As long as theres choices in the game then that helps, though I agree with Foehammer that the rating would probably end up being M.
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    Well I personally think its wrong to kill children -or- adults. Do I play some games that have violence? yes... but I don't like laying gorey, super violent games and like others have said, its a game. But as some have stated, everything in moderation, and seeing kids killed does evoke storng...
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    Well I have played a game on an online serevr where children attacked you and you had to defend yourself by killing them >.< to be frank I hated it. Personally its not something I like to see in a game I'm playing for enjoyment, and there needs to be a line drawn somether. There may be some...
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    Getting Ready?

    *wonders if she can get a cookie too* ;)
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    Character Bios

    ((Maybe Suwari will make a come-back, if they do get released at some point I'll probably be playing this character)) Character Name: Khalil ((for the moment)) Sex: Female Age: ((not sure but she’s young, probably 23ish)) Race: Suwari Class: Ranger/Rogue or Ranger/Bard ((at least for the...
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    New Update

    Same here I was really sad when I heard no Suwari and thats the race I really wanted to play. Not real sure about the other races, none appeared to me as much *shrugs* I hope with get a bunch of pets/critters as well, it will allow for it to be more unique to your character.
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    Starting Cities

    I like that idea alot too, being able to choose which spot you start would make it alot easier to fit your characters background into the story and how they got there.
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    Mounts by Level?

    Maybe having the more common mounts, like say lower level horses, donkey, riding dog (;) ) be available via vendors or in different cities but the more unusual or powerful mouns have to be captured and trained properly might be good.
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    New Update

    Ohh some nifty classes there. I can't decide what I want to ultimately play, I'll have to test things out first, but Ranger/rogue sounds kinda appealing. Or maybe the gearknight.. hmm.
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    Mounts by Level?

    haha, I still play there currently... main is Sibella Stormclaw, second is Ashana Windpaw..
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    Pet Pics!

    awww cute dogs and kitties... hehe I have so many pets its will take up a page just to show them all ;)
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    GFX Art of Pinnelipe

    Re: Art of Momma Very nice! The character does look like she has alot of personality and would make for some interesting background and situations in your comic. I'm working on a graphic novel/comic myself, there work but alot of fun and rewarding to do. Best of luck with your comic!!
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    Dragonrealms newbie?

    Yeah I've found most places won't even look at my application because I'm in college, the other problems is my hours and schedule is never the same from one quarter to another, still with the amoutn of homework I get I suppose having a job wouldn't be all that practical anyways. >.<. I do have...
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