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    School Mascots

    Hi! My home town school (grade school and high school) had as its mascot a Bobcat. At the first college I attended, the mascot was a Beaver (the school was primarily an engineering school; and they had the 'engineer of the animal world' as their mascot, and they said that they the graduates...
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    Sympathy and Condolences to Victor

    From our SD-1.Net friend Espion Jack: Our EspionJack found the obituary / death notice for Mrs. Hope (Wolf) Garber in the on-line newspaper London (Ontario Canada) Free Press: :cry: Dear DeputyDirector, please pass on the condolences and sympathies of the Alias fans to Mr. Victor Garber and...
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    Season 5 Important News regarding Michael Vartan/Vaughn

    The pictures of Mr. Victor Garber, which are included in the "Razzi" picture collection, were posted at in both the recent "Victor Garber Appreciation Thread" and the "Garberholics Thread"; and were mentioned as having been taken on Sunday, August 14. So, the interpretation that Mr...
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    Season 5 Discuss the 5.01 Script Pages

    DeputyDirector has often posted script pages before an episode has been broadcast. And, DeputyDirector recently promised to again post script-pages from episode 5.01 . . . and has thus here fulfilled a promise to the Alias fans. And, it appears to me that the page or pages selected give rather...
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    Season 5 Discuss the 5.01 Script Pages

    Perhaps some of the fans might do a name etiology of the name "Michaux" . . . lots of the other Alias character names have had meaning and significance ( Irina = "peace" ; Nadia = "hope" . . . ) . . .
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    Season 5 Discuss the 5.01 Script Pages

    So is Mr. Michaux being held in some secretive tunnel-hatch in the middle of an island, on which a certain Oceanic airliner recently crashed? And then does John Locke say to Mr. Michaux something, to which Mr. Michaux responds, "Kendall :blink: ??"
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    Season 5 Discuss the 5.01 Script Pages

    (We have received, in previous seasons, script pages before an episode was broadcast; mostly posted here, but also sometimes posted {or referenced back to here} at . . . ) Are you certain that NotVaughn wasn't abducted by a polar bear? :lol: And, is the time-line correct that...
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    Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck III

    Mandy, dear, consider a balloon that is the stretchy-rubbery-kind. As the balloon is filled with more and more air (or water, or other fluid), the balloon (which is effectively a container of that fluid be it air or liquid), stretches; but also the surface of the stretchy balloon becomes less...
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    Victor Nominated for an Emmy

    Let's hope that Mr. Garber does indeed receive this Emmy award (as sometimes an Emmy is given out really not for a particular role or episode of a television show, but instead as an acknowledgement of the performer's many wonderful "body of work" roles) . . . We're cheering for Mr. Garber for...
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    Officiates at marriage ceremonies?

    Supposedly, our Mr. Victor Garber acted to officiate at the wedding of one of his Alias co-stars last week . . . how cute and devoted a friend he is! The stories seem to imply that this was a one-day, one-time licensing, though - perhaps the co-stars will tease him about really having been...
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    Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck III

    None of those will display, dear Mandy; I get an error message that no such website exists. :(
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    Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck III

    Have the pictures (in the links) been disabled? The only photos I have seen are of the one with Ben and now Mrs. Jen - where Ben is wearing the green T-shirt with Kermit the Frog on it . . . and, then, the photo of what appears to be the back of the head of our Mr. Victor Garber, with the bride...
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    Do you think Victor Garber is attractive?

    Mr. Garber is a very attractive gentleman . . . not only is his appearance that which causes lots of folks to drool and swoon, but his temperament and personality are delightful, pleasant, warm, caring, and intriguing. Lots of us wish that he had been cloned . . . :heart:
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    SD-1 Refugees #3

    We just chatted . . . about school, about our jobs, about our families, about our pets, about our romances, about how we like chocolate, about how we were missing getting to watch Alias . . . about how we liked to play with the smilies . . . about what we wanted to do when we grew up . . ...
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    SD-1 Refugees #3

    Some of us had only occasionally visited over here (I especially adore the columns by VerdantHeart), but hadn't really gotten comfy here as much. Then, last fall, one of the other major Alias boards SD-1.Net was having major technical difficulties; so we who had been accustomed to visiting...
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