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    Who Do You Ship?

    I loved Roswell too! I want Izzy with George though, since Alex turned out to be suck a skeezeball with Nurse Syph. Mer/Derek are my fave couple though, so much angst and tension.
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    Andrew is back!

    Andrew is manipulative and vindictive, but I can kind of understand why given all he's been through. It's not easy to be the gay teenage son of Bree Vandecamp.
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    Pride & Prejudice 2005

    I loved the end too. "Mrs. Darcy" kiss "Mrs. Darcy" was sooo romantic.
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    Politics War on Christmas?

    GAH! This is the most pointless debate ever. (I don't mean on here, I mean in general.) "Happy Holidays" has been around for YEARS and all of a sudden the fundies just decide to declare there is a "war" on Christmas. I think people should say what they want, but it is a good idea for companies...
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    Politics Censorship

    Another Nip/Tuck fan here to say that the Parent's Television Council and their ilk need to back off my show. If they don't like it, then they don't have to watch it. They can even cancel their cable subscription if FX offends them that much. But they can't stop me from watching what I want to...
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    Eva Longoria a.k.a Gabrielle Solis

    I wish Gabi had bitch-slapped that nun. Eva was great in those scenes.
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    The Wedding

    I feel SO bad for Kimber. Seeing her locked in that basement, all bloody in her wedding dress, and then screaming when the Carver came...she better not die. I want to see her and Christian happy dammit! Oh, and boo to Christian for making that sad woman put a bag on her head during sex. I know...
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    Comedy The Colbert Report

    Every episode of Colbert Report gets funnier and funnier. I love the way he takes all the applause for himself when announcing the guest, the Word cracks me up, and I never get tired of bears being #1 on the Threat Down. Stephen has created a great character to laugh at and with and I totally...
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    Daily Show

    Yep she is. I'm happy for her, but I hope she's not gone too long. She and Rob are my faves now that Stephen is gone.
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    Me too. But hey then I get to go home for thee weeks and it's Christmas!
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    Yeah I was sad that they cut "Christmas Bells" "Halloween" and the end of "Goodbye Love" but overall I loved seeing the original cast (Daphne and Fredi excepted.) Jesse L. Martin really moved me as Collins and Rosario Dawson was all kinds of hot as Mimi. I really liked the dream sequence in...
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    Pride & Prejudice 2005

    MM was dreamy as Mr. Darcy. I didn't think anyone could out-dreamy Colin Firth, but he did. I want to see it again like NOW.
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    Politics Avian Flu

    I'm hoping that all this avian flu hysteria will turn out to be mostly hype, kinda like Y2k (anyone else remember that?) I'm not saying that the flu isn't a threat and it's definitely a good idea to prepare, but I don't think we should all freak out and start hoarding Tamniflu or anything.
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    Vaughn's Return

    I can sorta understand why some people hate Vaughn (even though I love him, always have, always will). But even people who hate him have to see how his death has kind of killed the show. The ratings are BAD. And part of that is most definitely the loss of MV.
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    Season 5 MAJOR NEWS!

    Eh- when I first heard the ghost spoilers I was like WTF, but really this is Alias. We've had clones and zombies and people melting and giant red balls of doom and killer bees, so I guess it shouldn't surprise me that there are going to be ghosts too. But I'm still pretty disappointed.
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