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    Fantasy The Hobbit

    LOTR is most definately a musical. It was released in 2005 in London England. As far as The Hobbit goes, what is taking so long is that New Line Cinema has filming rights and MGM has distribution rights. My opinion? I don't blame MGM for wanting money from a sure success when The Hobbit is...
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    All LOTR

    All right, one year later.....come on guys! :angry:
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    Favorite LOTR Character

    Legolas because he is an amazing super cool elf? Or because Orli played him in the movie ;)
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    King Arthur

    I liked this movie a lot more the second time around. The first time I was a little weirded out by their protrayel but it came together.
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    Favorite LOTR Movie

    It is hard to say. I like to think of them as just one movie. That is how JRR Tolkein wrote them in the first place, it was the publishers that broke up the book. I think that is why Peter Jackson filmed them the way he did.
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    Star Wars

    I was so glad that the episode 3 turned out the way it did. It felt like the first few didn't have the right feel. They went through a sort of identity crisis, but the third one pulled everything together.
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    Horror Underworld (2003) | Evolution (2006) | Rise of the Lycans (2009) | Endless War (2011) | Awakening (2012) | Blood Wars (2016)

    There will be a third movie. That has been the plan since the series started. We just don't get the joy of having them released in consequtive years.
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    Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

    Also, (sorry to double post) How many of you think that Snape is still good? I do! It doesn't make sense for Dumbledore to play it all cool with 4 DE around and then Snape shows up and he "begs"? I think that with the Unforgiveable Curse and the need to have someone, ANYONE there to help...
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    Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

    I agree....I felt all sad after finishing the book....maybe it will be an Obi-Wan Kanobi=Luke Skywalker connection of sorts type thing
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    No Jen Season 6?!?

    Of course Jen should spend time with her baby. But I am surprised that she would leave the show. The only things I have read about Jen as far as her work ethic goes, is that she is 110% committed to the tasks she takes on, that would include Alias. Season 5 doesn't have to be a complete flop...
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    APO Phones

    I am not sure of the brand, but I use Marshell's, and Syd's ring tone. During the casket episode I kept getting freaked out when the phone was ringing thinking someone was dumb enough to call me when the show was going.
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    How many seasons will it last?

    What with the rumors that Jen will not be returning for Season 6, I am guessing 6 max.
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    Can you help me? I need a suggestion.

    Nadney Syd-ney and Nad-dia=Nadney Weird, but you might get used to it ;)
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    No Jen Season 6?!?

    I just saw on that there are rumors Jen Garner will not be returning to Alias Season 6. There are some spoilers that you have probably already heard in the attached article. But I don't like it one bit :angry: Jen Season 6 Rumor
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    My iPod

    would somebody be willing to look up how much "The Complete U2" costs at iTunes? I would download it but I don't have the room on this computer. I am debating on which one I am getting. :lol:
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