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    Season 5 The Passenger

    According to TV, the actress who is playing Syd's sister is Mia Maestro. She was in Frida. She kind of looks like Lena a bit... seems a good fit. Sorry if this has already been posted - I didn't see it. OOPS - I guess it is already posted - I don't know how to delete this... I...
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    Will Back On Alias

    I am glad that Will is back. I think that it really sucks that all of Syd's friends are dropping like flies. Also, I really think they need to explore the Will/Syd/Vaughn triangle a bit... I never understood how Will and Francie ended up together and why he never seemed hurt by Syd's...
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    Season 2 Crybaby Francie

    I don't know about her "falling for" Will. She seems like a heartless, remorseless, EVIL person. Also, she seemed to be very professional about her mission. I'm just very confused by it. And I wonder if she's really dead, I mean, if Will lived through that then who's to say who's dead or...
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    Season 2 Pregnant

    I totally agree, I think the finale definitely implied that Sid had had a c-section or stretch marks - but then again, that would be the obvious assumption in seeing a scar on her tummy. Maybe it was just a wound from her kick-ass brawl with Fake Francie and the scar was shown to imply a...
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    Season 2 Crybaby Francie

    Does anyone have any clue as to why Fake Francie suddenly seemed overwhelmed with emotion for Will when she was stabbing him? I don't get it... She's shown no remorse up to this point? Any insights??? :blink:
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