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    Has the s4 response been muted?

    1. Yes Bravo - apparently they arent screening it till April. 2. Im thinking that Season 1 and 2 were so much fun, especially season 1. It was cool, clean cut, and had lots of cool story facets without being complicated. I think season 3 really REALLY made a mess of the shows great formula -...
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    Season 4 Alias Ratings for 1/5/04

    I think everyones a bit surprised that Alias held on so well to Lost, it dropped just 5.1% from Losts audience in its first 30 minutes. Which is spectacular to say the least. American Idol usually has around 27 million an episode, yet 24 only catches around 13 million of those viewers. So for...
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    Season 4 I Spy a Hit, Alias Finally Breaks Out

    i posted an in depth look at the shows performance at
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    Has the s4 response been muted?

    Im the UK and i want to know how well the fourth season of Alias was recieved. I mean - i know it did well in the ratings, and i have had a few emails from first time viewers saying its wow. BUT what is the general response do you guys think Is it better than season 3? Worse? How does it...
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