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    Mothership by John Brosnan

    i actually did contact the publishers but alas no reply, fingers are still crossed though!
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    Mothership by John Brosnan

    Thanks for that Tim, one says 2013 and one says 2007, but fingers crossed it will get published, i really appreciate it mate
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    Star Wars toys that got rejected

    that's so awesome, but definitely fake
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    Could you recommend about GOOD space films or shows?

    I have to agree with Peter about farscape, not sure about the attention to science bit though :)
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    Mothership by John Brosnan

    Recently i had a few hours in dublin on my way elsewhere, and i found myself without something to read for the coming journey, so i had a walk around looking for a book. I found myself at a small second hand bookshop in a back street. Firstly i looked through the Irish literature to see if...
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    The Jacket and Alien Resurrection

    I haven't seen the jacket actually, never heard of it to be honest, i may check it out, but i cannot stand that Adrian Brody!! As for Alien resurrection, i saw it again recently after i got the dvd box set, and to my surprise i realised that Joss Whedon had written it, which put the whole thing...
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    Could you recommend about GOOD space films or shows?

    its available for download somewhere, p.m. me if you want a copy
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    Could you recommend about GOOD space films or shows?

    I'm guessing you are after full on space films cargo (a swiss film from 2009, pretty slow, but good) moon as recommended earlier any of the alien films (they are timeless never too old) hunter prey (low budget but ok) thats all off the top of my head for now
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    this is what dark energy is doing to the universe

    so does this mean there haven't been any new star or planet formations in the past 5 billion years?
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    What book are you reading?

    i'm reading spares by michael marshall smith again for the first time since it was released, still love it!!
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    Collectibles Oaky I'll go first...

    i'm the same, my main collection is asimov, i think i have about 5 different prints of the foundation series, i also collect any arthur c clarke i can get my hands on. my entire collection amounts to roughly 2000, a good 1600 is sci-fi,i have read most of them but i always have a pile of unread...
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    Last SF movie you watched

    renaissance-english dubbed version
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    What Are You Reading Right Now?

    heres a link for the book it really is worth the read
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    Horror Hellboy II: The Golden Army

    For me this is great news, i loved the first film, so to see this trailer has put a smile on my face, i had no idea it was being made, it just goes to show i've spent too long away from this forum, i apologise to all concerned and i'm glad to be back!
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    What Are You Reading Right Now?

    i started the book with no name by anonymous, i believe it started out on the net and has been published since, its kind of like a tarantino film crossed with a micheal marshall smith novel with british humour set in america, its not really sci-fi but it has an element of fantasy to it...
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