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    Mmmm. Hair is better. No shave. Uh uh. Fabulous sexy curls are so much better, I mean, they're like...HANDLES! ...okay....nevermind. My dirty mind is getting to me... I really need some sleep, it's sleep deprivation, I promise. >.> <.< *cough*
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    Where You Go When You’re Gone

    Hello. I just read your story. I like it alot! When you update again once you've gotten back from your vacation, could I get a PM? Thank you. Toodles.
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    The Hunter and the Hunted

    Hello. I just read your story. I find it absolutely fascinating. Might I have a spot on your PM list? If you're still going to continue writing this, that is. (I know writer's block, I get it often.) Thank you. :D
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    State of Grace

    Wow, I like this, a lot. Hmm...Sark seems a little...nicer than usual, but that's awesome. You seem to capture the characters' personalities perfectly, I love it. Keep going! Could I get a PM when you've updated? Pretty please?
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    Music What Are You Listening To Right Now?

    Question- System Of A Down.
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    Welcome to AA.
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    Your English isn't that bad, welcome to AA.
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    New to the family

    Hi Zee! Welcome to AA. Have fun!
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    Hey everyone, I am new!

    Ah. Have fun, then!
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    Hi hi

    Well, have fun! Welcome to AA.
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    O.O Stopped Alias? Eeek, that's terrible! Anyways, welcome to AllAlias! Have fun!
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    Well...hi! Welcome to Hope you have fun! :cool:
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    Coheed and Cambria- New Rock for a New Century

    Eh, I guess they're okay. Not my type of music really...but they're okay.
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    I love Slipknot. They're pretty good. I love Wait And well as Vermillion and a few others.
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    Hawthorne Heights

    I'd LOVE to get a Hawthorne Heights CD.... -sigh-
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