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    The Zombie Apocolypse gets ever closer!

    I don't ever want no ZA to happen, at least not when I am around. It's hard imagining family members/relatives that I know for fact that couldn't run and survive a ZA being eaten alive. So no, not fun at all. D:
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    Horror The Ideal Zombie Gun?

    My father and I are XDm fans so we have plenty of those around which is what I would use.
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    Will the Walker virus evolve?

    Agreed that if Lil Ass-Kicker is infected too which I can see happening since babies can get the same disease and stuff their mother's have ect ect they would be screwed. The human population, if they ever come back from this apocalypse, would always have to monitor everyone and destroy the...
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    Andrea dies this season?

    Mmm no, I think more interesting things were to come from her if she lived and didn't die. Merle is a possible death though I kinda want him to live as well but who knows.
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    How did the zombie apocalypse happen?

    I'd love to know as well and would probably still watch the show even if it was a very stupid reason as to how it all happened. I hope it isn't the usual stuff as well and I will gladly sign that petition. Now go, go it make it now!
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    15 things you (might not) know about The Walking Dead

    I hope there will be more human-walker related deaths soon. Cause right now it's almost like the walkers are meh and it's all about other humans in the apocalypse which I know would be a real danger, but I wanted to see more walkers tearing people apart. D:
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    WRONG EYE!!!!

    Still can't forget that little blooper where Carol leaves that head thingermabob still on her head when T-Dog is attacked but when they find T-dog, her head thing is there, lol.
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    Hey there everyone

    :welcome2: Since you are new here, you may not be aware that it is required that all newbies hand over their brain to be devoured. So it's best not to struggle and come quietly. :zmouth:
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    Hello all you diseased people

    :welcome3: All newcomers must hand their flesh over to me, it's mandatory. :zstare:
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    Episode 11 - I Ain't A Judas

    Personally I am finding the "Rick seeing felgercarb again" boring and old. Despite that, I still can't see anyone else as leader right now. I hate Carl and Glenn is going nuts over nothing at this point. I say Daryl should be leader, though it's interesting now that Merle is in the picture.
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    Walking Dead Alternative Intro

    I approve of this, lol. Almost makes you forget there are flesh eating zombies around with the music.
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    The Zombie Apocolypse gets ever closer!

    I sure as hell hope not. The whole bath salts incident was creepy enough. I swear, what's with scientists and starting felgercarb like that. XD
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    Will the Walker virus evolve?

    Personally if they did that, it would turn into something like Resident evil in my opinion. I certainly wouldn't like it and love the walkers as they are now, always been a fan of the old fashion slow moving or somewhat fast staggering zombie in movies. I just like the fact that they didn't go...
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    Introducing our new Co-Owner....

    Welcome to the forum! I greet you with open arms and a hunger for your flesh. :) :welcome_big:
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    Hello everyone

    :welcome::infected: Welcome, now give me your brains! :D
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