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    Hugo and Nebula awards

    Not bad at all James. I have noticed that most book bloggers start out conversational, the way you have. Then when they have a few reviews under their belts they either adopt that scheister/salesman type of voice that bloggers seem to love, or they get didactic/preachy. I went the second way...
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    ARIA: Left Luggage, by Geoff Nelder

    sounds interesting. Thanks for the review.
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    Here it is
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    According the the isfdb it's only been printed once:
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    DAED FACTIONS - the zombie war narratives

    Did you really misspell the name of your book in the title?
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    The Jacket and Alien Resurrection

    I didn't care much for the jacket. Can't remember why at this point though. Maybe I should watch it again? Brody was the Jewish piano player in The Piano, and the village idiot in The Village, M. Night Shamalayan's third-to-last cinematic massacre.
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    Need some help editing a great scifi book

    I sent you a PM
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    Do you know the name of this short story...?

    Sounds to me like late period Heinlein, but that's just a shot in the dark.
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    Need some help editing a great scifi book

    There are some professional SF editors over at Science Fiction Chronicles Forums. I think that Theresa Edgerton, in addition to being a writer, is an editor. Might want to try there.
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    Who was the publisher? You sure it wasn't something like the Dune Encyclopedia? For a long time I've been wondering if Kevin Anderson is going to try some retcon engineering with Dune so that it matches those pieces of felgercarb he and Brian Herbert have been writing. At least, I wouldn't put it...
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    Need some good Sci-fi books

    Try Dune. One of the best books out there. By the way, above top secret is SCI, or "Secure Compartmented Information."
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    Three Chapbooks from Nightjar Press

    They produce a lot of "chapbooks" or "chapter-books" for the children's educational market. My kids are forever coming home with freebies marked thus from their school, both for fun as as a part of their lessons.
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    Sci-Fi Graphic Novel

    Zerkon? By the Schmucks? Not very inspiring. Well, more power to you and good luck, but how's about you produce something worthy before you go begging for money. Or check out a real crowd-funding site. You basically got nothin' and are asking for somethin'. No thanks.
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    Blindsight by Peter Watts

    "Ambitious" is a good word to describe this book. I got about half way through it almost a year ago and couldn't get any further. I thought the story was a bit wacky, the characters totally implausible, and the style to be too intense to really enjoy. This is the only Watts book I have ever...
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    The Millennium, by Upton Sinclair

    Upton Sinclair's The Millennium is by most definitions not really science fiction. To most it is a semi-autobiographical propaganda tool that Sinclair used to advocate for his own version of socialism and communal lifestyle. But since it's also a future history that relies on a few technological...
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