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    Countries Blocked

    I don't know much about hacking, but I am a lawyer, and what stands out to me about that list is that they're all countries where it is hard or impossible to enforce a subpoena from a US court. I suspect the reason the attacks are ostensibly coming from those countries is that hackers are...
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    Sci-Fi Ascension (SyFY)

    I was more excited about it before the explained what was really going on at the end of the first episode.
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    If You Could Make Any Movie and It Succeeds?

    The colonization of Jupiter and its moons has always been something I'd like to see done well. Very diverse set of environments, interesting sorts of habitats you'd need to create to live floating in a gas giant, beautiful backdrops, and I always like sci fi that is a bit further out in the...
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    Sci-Fi How can we save science fiction?

    Interesting point in one of the OP's articles about women making up more of the reading market being a problem for sci fi. I think that depends on how you define sci fi. A lot of shows on tv right now, for example, that could potentially be classified as sci fi, primarily target women. They...