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    Help with confirming something - Cloverfield and Alias

    Hey everyone, I hope the site has not gone two cold since the show is over, i know i have not been on the forum lately...but i have a question for some of you fellow die hard Alias fans. I came across a triva thing from, and it was on Cloverfield the movie by J.J. Anyway, here is what...
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    Hi (What is the current season)

    Just so you are clear... Vaughn killed Lauren at the end of season 3, season 4 was the start of APO. Season 5 is about to start here in Canada and USA.
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    How old are Alias Fans?

    I was thinking today, while reading some posts, i dont know how old most of these people are. I always pictured most Alias fans in the 21-25 age range....lets see if i was right?!?! Thanks Orange
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