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    Season 5 Season Finale...

    Does anyone know if they are going to replay the season finally or any epidsode, because they are repeating lost and really want them to start replaying them
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    Season 5 Syd & Vaughn

    I was thinking something close to that, though i dont think Vauhgn, would use syd to make the the Rimbaldi thing come true I dont even he is a follower of rimbaldi just a victim of it like syd and nadia
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    Season 5 Season 5 Teaser?

    I was thinking that they were going to write a pregnacy in too, maybe even try to tye it in with the whole rambaldi(sp?) thing. I didnt like Lauren with MV, but i liked her with Sark becuase they had really good chemisty. I hope Sarks comes back though
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    Season 5 Bradley Cooper

    i read a story about bradly in the local paper and it said he wasnt coming back