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    well its been years since i have been here. site has changed since last time on here. glad to...

    well its been years since i have been here. site has changed since last time on here. glad to be back.
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    Sci-Fi 2001: A Space Odyssey

    btw......nice the carrot, probably way too much yet.....LOVE the carrot.
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    Sci-Fi 2001: A Space Odyssey

    you really have to watch it. it is a must see. i really cant add any more convincing ppoints to this other than if you watch it once you will want to see it again so you can try and figure out what is really going on.
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    Help!!! - need movie title

    i am sorry it really sounds more like 2001 a space odyssey
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    Help!!! - need movie title

    could it be the movie nightflyers
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    "Test" Flight: a 3d animated Sci-fi short

    ok, from the simple person like me, who dreams of doing what your doing, yet has lost all his brain cells through the loss of hair. LOL. this is quite an enjoyable short you created. first the plot of it was good. i never would have seen it coming that he would have been going in circles nor...
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    Re: Film: 2012 not to butt in on your conversation there anthony and starbeast. i think we all know that there is a general scare all over the world with changes in climate, shifting of tetonic plates, all around global disaster of all sorts, i.e. volcanos erupting more, etc. i have not...
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    Re: Film: 2012 whether we believe or not that the world is going to end in a giant flood or second place on the worse scale, being frozen over as in "the day after tomorrow" or my number one favorite way for the world to end is the classic 'blow the whole world to smithereens and a small band...
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    Your Favorite Star Trek Movie

    Here is the second half of my post on favorite Star Trek series and movies. As in my television post please list your favorite movies out of the whole franchise yet you can list more than one. Please also list the reason(s) it or they are your favorites. I would have done a poll on this but...
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    Sci-Fi Your Favorite Star Trek Series and Why

    Just thought i would add this poll and discussion. Out of the five series that have been on television over the past 40+ years; do you have a favorite and why is it your favorite. I will not fault you for having more than one favorite as i do think this is the case with the majority of us and...
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    how about jedi/sith vs daleks?

    i would have to say the jedi/sith for a few battles till the daleks caught on to the tactics then the tables would turn. then all they would need is to have the borg take on the winner.
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    Weird encounter!

    come to atchison, kansas. there is the sallie house that has an very wicked ghost in it. events have been videoed there and the evil presence has been felt by many. cool story though and i do hope you find out what it is.
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    Sci-Fi Tron: Legacy

    Re: Tron Legacy (aka: Tron 2.0, TR2N) i have watched all the trailers for tron legacy and am excited. this looks like it will be a great sequel to the original. i was hoping that jeff bridges would have slimmed down for this role after gaining weight for iron man and am pleased to see that he...
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    Sci-Fi Star Trek vs. Star Wars

    i myself prefer star trek and the possibilites are endless with the storylines. i suppose that could be the same for star wars yet you dont see any spinoffs from that like 'deep space vader' or 'star wars-the next generation (most commonly known as the time that luke and leah almost did it)...
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    making sci fi sci fact

    universal translators.