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    Shameless Marketing ...

    I'm hoping this works. My book, The Enemy is Within! - A Harry Heron Adventure, has a new trailer developed by the publisher. Hopefully the link will take you to it!
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    The Day of the Triffids by John Wyndham

    I was (and still am) a huge fan of Wyndham. His scfi was well thought through, believable and grabbed you from the start. I confess that my favourite was his, "The Trouble with Lichen," but "The Kraken Wakes" and "Chrysalids" were excellent as well. An agent recently told me that there isn't a...
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    Book Review

    Just picked up a review of my latest Harry Heron, On the Run, on Blog Critics. The review is a very positive one and can be found here. The book is available in eBook, paperback and hard back and links to all the suppliers can be found here.
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    Dinner with Darth Vader

    Hilarious. Very cleverly done, takes a special kind of lady to date Darth I should think ...
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    Some Trailers for my "Harry Heron" scifi adventure series ...

    The story begins in 1801, when twelve year old Harry Nelson-Heron becomes a Midshipman aboard the 74 gun HMS Spartan. 400 years in his future his twelve times great nephew is a Captain in the North European Confederate Fleet, working up the new starship NECS Vanguard ... Their lives are linked...
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    Amazon stole my ebook

    Hi Scott, a friend of a friend living in New Zealand recently discovered that someone had lifted his poems from a website and had them published under their own name via Lulu. Its the subject of a court case now. Check someone hasn't done this with your work!
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    The Origin of Our Species by Chris Stringer

    Thanks for reminding me I intended to get a copy of this. Humanity is still evolving as you say. We are quite different from even our forebears from 200 years ago and a lot different from those a 1,000 years ago. The shrinking brain observations though are still debated as there is some...
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    Book Trailer for my new title ..

    ON the RUN is available on Amazon and from Barnes and Noble - also through the local bookstore if preferred ... The short trailer is on YouTube Any feedback will be much appreciated!
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    Questions for Sci-fi novel

    Hi Leon, An object that large coming that close would hit us, probably resulting in mutual destruction. Large objects develop some interesting interactions, and planetary bodies tug and pull one another. I suggest you do a search for information on gravitational interactons between bodies...
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    recommend a good book?

    Try my Harry Heron series ... Their Lordships Request ... Out of Time The Enemy is Within! and the latest On the Run
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    New Book

    My latest book, the fourth in the Harry Heron series has been released today by Abbott Press - ON THE RUN Take three young men from a ship-of-the-line in 1804, thrust them four hundred years into the future, give them some high-tech implants and a dash of illegal gene splicing, and you...
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    At last - I'm in e-formats ...

    Yes - and no. Some are now routinely going this route, others require a bit of prodding, or, as I have done, you shop around until you find an e-Publisher for your work. I don't think the paper book is dead, it will retain a place I think, but more and more people find an e-reader more...
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    Sci fi funerals

    You could try Babylon 5, there are funerals in it for Minbari, several other alien cultures and a humanist style sending loads of self propelled coffins onto a trajectory that will carry them into the local star. They are spread out throughout the series though, so they may take some finding.
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    At last - I'm in e-formats ...

    Great news folks, my Harry Heron books are in or going into e-formats for Kindle, iPad and Adobe. You can the first two at: Out of Time will soon be joined by the prequel, Their Lordships Request ... The third, The Enemy is Within! is available in...
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    Personally I would try for Mars or Europa. On Mars the effort would have to be focused under domes as the magnetosphere is too weak to shield the radiation and retain much of an atmosphere. It is also very cold because of the thin atmosphere. By utilising a combination of below ground and...
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