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    Season 5 React: All the Time In The World

    First of all, Alias has tried to remain true with real life. When in real life is there definite closure. They answered most questions, but kept it open enough in case there was chance for a movie. It was a perfect ending. I'm not sure which episode you watched. First of all, Alias has tried...
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    Season 5 Horizon spoilers

    I don't think she is bad, and I don't think Vaughn is dead. I think the two are one in the same. I think she protected vaughn by faking his death. I think Sydney's dad is in on it with her. Just my thoughts.
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    Season 5 5.07 Title

    The X-files did that a lot.
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    Jack was the one who hit them!

    It very well could be Jack. The other car wasn't real. It was digitally imposed. Nothing ever hit anything. So I can believe that if they did that. Alias has thought further ahead than that in the past.
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    Season 5 New Vaughn Rumour Of The Positive Kind

    It shows how little we know and how much we think we know. Because a deal was being structured last week and apparently, if you can still believe the hype, it has been fiinalized and Vaughn is coming back.
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    Season 5 MAJOR NEWS!

    Come on, no one seriously believes they will bring him back as a ghost. The X-files this isn't. Flashbacks I can see, but ghost, no...
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    We all want MV Back

    Rumor has it he's back on the set as of Oct 18th. Maybe they were listening after all.
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    Vartan/Vaughn news

    Apparently Vartan's deal was done late last week and he returned to the set on October 18th. Not sure if that means he's back permanently, or for a few episodes, but he's back.
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    Season 5 Rate: "Prophet Five"

    If you recall, Jack made a call to have Vaughn removed from the hospital. Jack is behind this. Vaughn was extracted. Jack said "I'll do anything I can to help you two".
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    Season 5 New spoilers about season 5!

    According to all I've read, the writers toyed with the idea of making it Rambaldi's child, but then decided against it because they thought it would be a ridiculous storyline.
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    Season 5 Important News regarding Michael Vartan/Vaughn

    True, unless he just found out too.
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    Season 5 JJ addresses rumors

    MV is in a new movie coming out very soon. Which tells me he may be limited in the first few episodes for because of reshoots, promotions and such. The car accident thing fits in to the timing of that. He'll be back full time after that. That is just my assumption though.