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    Aliens Do you believe in UFO's?

    Yes I do. I think 99% of what is written as truth about UFOs and alien visitation is BS. That said think there is something to it, the remaining 1% is very interesting indeed. I wrote a novel last year called 'A Strange Encounter' that gives my opinion, for what it's worth, on the subject...
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    What have you seen recently?

    I Saw Prometheus Last Week. I'm not sure if this qualifies as a spoiler so if you are planning to go and see it you have been warned. I watched a TV film critic here on Ch7 TV in Australia say it was a great film and definitely wasn't an Alien prequel. Perhaps there are two versions of...
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    Conspiracy Truth & Purpose of NASA?

    I can't play the video but I suspect NASA does exactly what it says on the tin.
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    Hi from Bolton UK

    Welcome Scifi Sunday. Remember what Bill Gates said: "Be nice to nerds, you'll probably end up working for one".
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    New Sci-Fi Author

    Novel: A Strange Encounter. I finally managed to upload the front cover of my novel. It's a bit like 'Close Encounters of the Third Kind', and is set in the UK in 1991. It's an action adventure story with a bit of humour thrown in (I hope). I think it might be quite close to what might really...
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    Nancy's feeling naughty

    If you like novels about UFOs/aliens etc you may enjoy mine. It's on amazon for 99c at the moment, it's called 'A strange Encounter' by Steve Fellick. I'm sorry, I have no idea how to put a cover image or link to amazon on here for it. I had a look at your site, I think Lilac and vaseline...
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    Collectibles Nostromo Crew Hat.

    Kevin: Many thanks, easier to use software is always a good thing. Starbeast: Many thanks, that's a procedure, I'll give it a crack when I get a minute, it's 06:50 here in Perth so I'm just leaving for work.
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    Collectibles Nostromo Crew Hat.

    Is not a procedure, I'm none the wiser. Thanks all the same.
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    Collectibles Nostromo Crew Hat.

    Tim: As you can see by the excellent post from Starbeast the Nostromo crew hat has a very nice 'patch' sewn onto it, it's not printed on. After reading the rest of your post I certainly don't feel weird. Thank you. Starbeast: Great post, that's the hat. I'll check mine out when I get home...
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    Ancient Alien Inspired Art?

    Thanks Starbeast. I think the problem is with my computer, I resurrected an old heap of a laptop and put the free Ubuntu oprerating system on it, it's me being a skinflint, it doesn't work very well, I'll upgrade it soon. Very interesting pictures, the central vertical peice is really...
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    Collectibles Nostromo Crew Hat.

    The only scifi item I have ever bought is a crew baseball cap from the ship 'Nostromo' from the movie 'Alien'. I bought it when the film came out so I've had it for about 32 years. And I could go and put my hand on it right now, I know exactly where it is. How sad is that?
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    Apollo 18

    Originally Posted by Tim: I think it would have to be both, I think you would need a very open mind indeed to accept a living rock could penetrate a human body through a pressurised space suit without it deflating like a balloon. The only realistic part of this movie was when mission...
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    What is everybodies Favorite Movie Alien?

    I went to see 'Alien' when it first came out, I thought that 'Alien' was bloody terrifying. I still think it's the scariest. Although the critter from 'The Thing' (the Kurt Russel version) and the 'Predator' are pretty scary too. When it comes to my "Favourite" alien, it has to be the new...
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    Would you use a "transporter" if you knew...

    In a word, no, absolutely not. What would the 'real' me be doing whilst the copy was off somewhere else, sitting in the transporter reading magazines until the 'real' me came back? I think it was the movie 'The Prestige' (it was one of the two magician type movies that was out at the time)...
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    Ancient Alien Inspired Art?

    I can't see the art you're referring to, I need some 'plug in' that doesn't want to 'plug in'. I have seen some of this stuff in the past and I think it probably was inspired by what they saw in the sky. The Madonna and child with the guy looking at the UFO in the background and the one...