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    Aliens Do you believe in UFO's?

    Yes they are real. For there not to be makes less sense.
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    Politics John Bolton

    Should have his balls removed via a tonsillectomy.
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    Random thoughts.... post yours!

    An asteroid with a moon passed earth Saturday, WOW!
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    What Do You Believe?

    Aliens would be interested in our planet because it is rare. Thanks to Kepler we have seen that Earth is uncommon. We still don't know what is common for life bearing planets in terms of solar systems their in.
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    Rusted Sailor

    Super blob.
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    Foodies Bored of eating the same old things

    You got it easy, 2 with special diets and a teenager.
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    Sci-Fi Rampage (2018)

    Perfect example of greedanomics. Can we try something else?
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    Had to do 2 meals a day in the snow during a power failure.
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    Rusted Sailor

    Godzilla doesn't eat planets into mass extinctions.
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    Rusted Sailor

    Liked Ghost movie. Will be serial adventure like 30's Saturdays.
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    It is that time of the year, prepare the wood for the bbq. invest in chips to smoke with. Pre-buy and cold storage with your butcher. Get that deck scrubbed and a new coat of stain. The star of the show must be cleaned, painted, and oiled. New grill and granite cooking slab.
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    Foodies Bored of eating the same old things

    Depends on what you are eating. Start by changing how meals are prepared. ie go from fried to stir fried. May sound similar but results in a change of taste for the same meal.
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    Walk faster than your garden grows.

    If you can walk faster than plants grow even a lazy gardener like me can get a small harvest. I can keep up with my garden, plot + containers about 150 sq ft. It is the adversary that is the problem, blackberries. I have only hand tools, the blackberries can grow as much as 2 feet a day. The...
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    What Are You Reading Right Now?

    My own WIP spell check, grammar, and did I really write that!
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