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    I would be happier about that kind of PvP if there were more consequences to it. If you pick pockets and get caught, it would be nice if the victim could shout for the guards or something. Or someone's going around killing people that journey down a specific route, so the guards go for a patrol...
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    That's assuming that equipment is cheap enough or you're guaranteed to have more money than you know what to do with in order to have multiple versions of the same thing sitting around in your house. And even then, what happens when you're shelling out more cash on replacement equipment than...
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    Well, maybe I have just had too many bad experiences, but the average gamer in my experience is not someone to be trusted with my back or my front. I've had guilds of people I'd put absolute trust in, but those were usually only a small core of people (<10 people usually). In a PvP-centric game...
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    I'm not sure I can agree with you there. Griefers and gankers actually work together better than the people they're picking on, it seems. So, since it is a seamless/zoneless world (meaning no area is being restricted from being entered by high levels), you will have these groups hitting all the...
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    Site Update

    :offtopic: Sorta. Try updating (or in the case of not having, downloading) Adobe Flash Player. Current version is like... If that doesn't work, try a different browser.
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    Site Update

    Aww, they do love us. Or they were just heading off any attempts by Dune Walker to smuggle some info out for us. ;)
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    April Fools!

    I'm surprised someone didn't attempt some sort of HJ update with a title that would just drag people in. "Sign ups for beta beginning now!" or something. It's a good thing I'm just too nice for my own good, eh?
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    Release Date Poll

    As they're still tight-lipped about things, I'm going to guess we're not even near beta. I'm betting they won't start letting info slip out until the end of this year as they start to iron out the details and become able to give definite answers. Plus they're a smaller company with a track...
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    Super Tuesday

    Bah, they wouldn't let me vote for Democrat because I'm registered as non-Partisan. Ah, Florida. So I didn't bother voting this year.
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    Spammer alert

    I got a random PM, yeah, but they didn't try to link me to anything. Maybe it's just a shy greeting? :p
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    Vanguard = Free

    Off-topic, but I never did get why no games with character customization like that will let you have small breasts on your characters. In CoH, they are either big or way too big. :p
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    Merry Christmas

    Aww, and no Xmas present from Simu in the form of HJ info either. Those Scrooges.
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    Racial thoughts

    Oooh, a humanoid raccoon. Might be able to pull it off with a fat-faced Suwari, if they have tail stripes and a mask.
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    For me, words are often more descriptive than visuals could ever be. In DR, you swing your sword at a critter and you get a description of bone fragments and blood flying, heads being lopped off, guts spilling out, and what have you. In a graphical MMO, you hit attack, the character falls over...
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    I want to be a ---- when I make a character!

    Ranger/Necro? Double the pets! Plus there's the whole life/death thing to RP.