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    Season 5 Pictures for "The Awful Truth" and "Ice"

    Matrshall on a mission!!! Very awesome!
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    Season 4 4.14 Title

    I like this title. First thing that came to mind for me was the game Splinter Cell: Pandora Tommorrow. That was about the release of bio-weapons so I'm pretty sure the Pandora will refer to some terrible event.
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    Favorite Character

    Locke!! Terry O'Quinn is just too awesome to vote against him. He's a great character actor.
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    The psychic dude

    I had the same thought!!! I'm just waiting for the mark of Rambaldi to be found on the baby. This is JJ we're talking about, who knows what might happen!
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    Season 4 The new day of Alias

    I think the move to Wednesday is good for the show. In reality for me it doesn't matter when the show is on because I'll watch it somehow someway. I think if ABC promotes Wed as "2 action packed hours of JJ Abrams" it will attract more viewers for Alias. I'm not a fan of it being on the same...
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    ALIAS: Season 4

    Okay, this is my first attempt and possibly last depending on how it goes. The following is my vision for Season 4 and what I believe/think should happen. In a lot of ways its an extrapolation of what spoilers have been released. Title: Season 4 Author: Myself, however Alias and all of its...
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    New Here

    Well, Charlie recommended posting here so I thought what the heck. I was a periodical viewer until seeing Phase 1 when I then got hooked. I got the DVD's when they came out and got even more hooked. I personally think this is the greatest show on TV right now and hope that it stays put. I have...
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    Season 5 Kristen spoiler

    Has anyone considered that maybe Kristen isn't right about the whole killing thing? I personally think Irina is dead, and has been for awhile. Also consider that Kristen has a tendency to exagerate things just a little bit. Based on what went on at the end of the show I think that Irina was...