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    Square's new sci-fi shooter

    I can't see a mess like that not happening.:eek:
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    Anyone else hate fantasy?

    Ah there is more than one "Ram" amongst the sheep. I'm already at a place of my choosing, and dug in like an Alabama tick. What I need to do, I do. What I don't need to do, I don't. I'm neither trapped nor suffocating, yet the majority of the world is. It's very hard to dig up any more...
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    Rise of the Walking Machines

    The "bug" thing is great, I've seen it before, yet I wonder how well it swims? A blimp is a fine platform for video, yet the weather must cooperate. The fascination with "walking" (to relate to as human, I presume), is a sad platform for transport. Personal, I agree, but functionally no. The...
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    Anyone else hate fantasy?

    There is always choice. One says there is no choice to comfort themselves with the decision they've already made. Therein lies the problem; We must make correct decisions continuously all our lives, to fulfill what we deem to be a success/successful. We need only screw-up once for any degree...
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    Anyone else hate fantasy?

    Yes & No I've pretty much had my fill of Knights, Wizards, Dragons, Vampires, Unicorns, Giant Flying Dogs & Werewolves. Not to say all/every "take" is bad, it's just that it's been done to death (and then some). I enjoy robots, aliens, disease, symbiotic, mutations invasions, takeovers, wars...
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    Worst Sci Fi Movies

    Boy yer not kidding about TDTESS 2. Total "Stinker". I still feel a little woozy. Bring a barf bag.
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    Favorite TV Show- ever

    Hard to pick a favorite. I've narrowed it down to a few options Outer Limits (both) Twilight Zone Andromeda Babylon 5 All the "Treks" Invaders Space 1999 Night Gallery Prisoner Battlestar Galactica Kolchack Lexx Red Dwarf Farscape Firefly Crusade Space Above & Beyond Star Hunter Futurama oops...
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    Worst Sci Fi Movies

    Trying to remember one. Not that it was that bad, but it really didn't explain anything. A bunch of people were hold up in a grocery store with pigeon sized mosquitoes, and they sent someone out with a rope around his waist and the rope was pulled through their hands. Some tentacles came under...
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    Sci-Fi Star Trek vs. Star Wars

    Trek as well. With the series(s) the characters became more believable. You can't surpass their enemies for being terrible, and their situations being hopeless, yet they survive and often prevail. Q the Borg the Dominion the Zindi Both get preachy, but Star Wars gets squishy. The...
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    What have you seen recently?

    Pandorum Sort of a re take of Sunshine/Event Horizon but good enough. All too possible with the flaws & subliminal desires inside human beings that rise to the top, when the self/faith/society imposed barriers are down. Avatar Never have I seen a "Merc" Army so well equipped, yet so...
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    Sci-Fi District 9

    Disappointing. Didn't even try to hide it. Not the slightest bit candid. Stirring the ashes of old fires to ensure there exists a problem they can preach about. Yawn. Pray for "Halo" to save Sci-Fi because this one (as with the day the Earth stood still, and the last "Bond" film), are too...
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    Any good movies?

    District 9 :confused::D
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    Upcoming Story

    I enjoy military Sci-Fi, as of late (last three years+) the only type I read. Ringo White Weber Drake Nylund Cochrane Sherman Cragg Bring it on.:D
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    Who would be the worst enemy?

    Other Agent Smith(s) "Nice to see me. I'm looking good."
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    Sci-Fi Favorite Type of Sci Fi

    Any all. The best are always the ones with engineering, errors, escape, entrapment, and erotica. If it has a "cookie" in it, it's always better. Be that Ivanova, Rand, Troy, 7 of 9. etc.. The Phillip K. Dick stuff as Blade Runner, Screamers, Imposter usually ... does. The newest Outer Limits...
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