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    Alias on Fox!

    I almost just fell out of my chair when I saw a season 1 Alias episode "Reckoning" on Fox. It airs here in Newfoundland on Fox Rochester at 7:30 every Saturday night. I cannot even begin to say how happy this makes me. :)
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    Season 5 How they faked his death!

    I swear, if Vaughn is really dead, I'm gonna find JJ Abrams and rip his head off. My theory is that yes, his death has been fake. I think that once he told Sydney what was going on, they both realized that someone was going to retaliate against him (Vaughn). And why would Sydney and Vaughn...
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    Season 5 5.01 Script?

    All Alias episode transcripts can be found at:
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    Season 5 My dad just saw a promo on tv

    There's a promo of Alias on the main page of Syd actually says "we're having a baby." :blink:
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    Season 4 The Prophecy

    Or it could be Vaughn. He was Sydney's handler and was working with her, not only to bring down SD-6 but maybe it was to make sure Rambaldi's prophecies didn't come true. Notice, in season 1's "Q&A" how quickly Vaughn came to the conclusion that Sydney topping Mount Sebacio would end FDR's...
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    When did you start watching Alias?

    I was hooked from the pilot. I loved the promos so I watched and I haven't missed an episode since. My favorite season was season 2 though.
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    Season 4 Vaughn - Rambaldi Connection?

    What if the Covenant, or whatever enemy faction, discovered some of that Rambaldi DNA before Sydney did in 'Remnants'? I can almost see that Vaughn was created with Rambaldi DNA and was drawn to Sydney when she went to the CIA because in the Rambaldi manuscript, it spoke of a chosen one. If...
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    Lost in Canada

    Hi everyone. Thanks for the welcomes. Glad to be among such lovely Alias fans. :D
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    Lost in Canada

    Hi folks. I'm Leslie from Newfoundland, Canada. And no, I'm not covered in snow. :D I only recently found this forum and I'm glad I did because no one I know watches Alias, and that's a sad thing because this is the best show on TV. And thankfully, it's only just over a month away from the...