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    C & C Obama

    yeah i posted this on another forum and people wanted a colored version. so ill be making that soon. although, im gonna be offline until wednesday due to my family moving.
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    + rep to any1 who gives good ideas

    Lost Cause, Kaos, Havoc, Havokm Caos, Dinosaur Helicopter, Mr Wiggles, Redemption, Collosus, Dirty, El Raton, Ratatouille, Masterpiece, Cliche, REMiiX, Fallen, Reaper, Gazz, Gawz, Wipeout, Klutch, iRaepYou, NoCigar
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    Best Horror film you've seen ?

    there are so many, idk how you guys can choose the
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    C & C Obama

    haha yeah :D this was the easiest sig ive made probably. yet its so powerful lol. actually, it did take like 45 mins. had to render a picture of obama (first render too btw.) then, i did a gradient, black-black, white-white. so that there is really no smooth gradient from black to...
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    C & C Obama

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    Who will you vote for President?

    Obama. He's more for the common American. Doesn't believe in hiking up the taxes. In my opinion, he's the only reasonable choice for a president.
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    hahaha...yeah those notes are due in 2 weeks so i gotta get them from someone :D
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    C & C kanye WEST

    thanks for the comments guys :D
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    C & C kanye WEST

    cnc and rate if you can please :D
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    COD World at War Beta clan!***** READ***

    ILL JOIN! im level 11 and i played for like an hour last night. i like it, its pretty fun. just needs better maps now. and some better perks...second chance may be the worst perk ever. haha. so yeah my gamertag is SDS FALLOUT add me and ill join or whateer you need me to do. you guys on...
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    something i did in biology class cuz i was bored and didnt feel like taking notesss. thats the quality you'll get from a 1.3 megapixels camera phone! :D
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    Tutorial Ironman

    yeah thanks for sharing... orgasm smudging there buddy :D
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    C & C psychadelic

    thanks :D anymore comments or anything?
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    C & C Yey it's poo

    imo, 3rd one is the best. 2 would be better with more depth and better lighting. 1st one doesnt blend well imo...the bg is grainy, yet her skin is like porcelain :D work on it bro, your doing great
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    C & C psychadelic

    just messin around and testing some smudge settings and stuff :D cnc and rate