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    Silverstone Phone Pictures

    R8 pics are sexy! Great pics mate ;)
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    Music What Are You Listening To?

    Kidulthood to Adulthood - Bashy
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    C & C Robzz' Icons

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    C & C rlikz's sigs

    Nice stuff mate :) Love the Walkman siggy, keep it up!
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    Resources Eduardo Da Silva PSD/ Desiger Crew PSD

    Great share mate, should help loads of members ;) Reps added. I would add thanks if i could :p Keep up the good work mate
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    What do you do as a job or want to do ?

    At Secondary atm, so i havn't really thought about it seriously. But if anything i would probably be doing Website designing with coding and stuff. Maybe in my part time design some flyers for companies. Or become a Keeper for England :p Don't see that happening though :(
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    Orite Ladz!

    Yeah well i live in South East London so yno :p Cheers you lot ;)
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    Tutorial Avatar Tutorial // Robzz

    Textures Enjoy
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    C & C Random Large Piece

    Looks okay mate, i think its too messy though, and you should make it focus on the render more imo, maybe darken the sides so that the renders the focal point ;) Keep it up!
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    GFX Sotw #6 voting

    First Kanye ones great! Got my vote ;0
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    PSN ID's

    --------------------------------------- PSN: Skrapzee_ Forum Name: Robzz Most Played: Fifa 09, getting COD5 though ;) ---------------------------------------
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    Official: Member Pictures!

    Forgot to rotate it, ah well :p
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    Who told you about EA?

    utdarts told me about this site on msn ;) And i heard that him and macky joined the site so i decided too.
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    What Sports you into ?

    Footballs my thing :D I'm tall enough to play basketball though :p But it's chelsea all the way!
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    Resources Robzz' Renderz

    ALL ARE IN HERE: Most recent ones;