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    Do you use Twitter?

    Do you have a twitter account? Do you follow anyone famous?
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    Most visited forum?

    Hmm mine would probably be... some gaming forum I'm on. Or a soccer one.
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    Bieber =@

    Okay...please tell me everyone here hates Justin Bieber.... :@
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    Miley Cirus

    She's alright. I liked it when Kanye West or some other celeb bagged her out earlier this year sometime haha.
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    Favourite Celebs?

    Hmm maybe the new actress for Transformers...whats her name?
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    Where Did You Find Us?

    Yeah no problem mate! Like the site!
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    Miss Universe 2010

    She was a babe! Wow! Smokin!
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    About The Admin =)

    Nice site you have KM!
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    UK Member here

    Lovveee wayne rooney :D. Thanks for the welcome
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    Soccer? jks. Yes I am actually worried about that. they appear pretty strong this year.
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    The Counting Game

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    The Longest Thread

    Defs! Sounds like the life!
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    Yes I play and watch it. I am a massive Manchester United Fan!
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    UK Member here

    Hey all I am the newest member. Live in UK:D
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    Where Did You Find Us?

    Saw it on Promotion Box and The Hazey :)