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    C & C Clan layout for a CS team

    Looks amazing.
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    Alternative to Turtle Beach

    Astro's are 5x better than any TB's. Theyre 5.1 dolby whereas TB's are just 2 fat speakers. The X4's are 5.1 but theyre wireless and arent LAN capable. Dont talk about something if you dont know what your talking about..
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    C & C Was a gift

    I actually love it. The whole concept of its just amazing.
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    C & C experimenting

    no1 is better, but i dont like the text over his shoulder.
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    C & C CJ

    aha. lol. glad to help (Y)
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    C & C CJ

    Chris Johnson. Tenisee Titans. ;) Sort your monitor out. aha.
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    C & C Assasins Creed

    didnt notice he was there first time i looked. rofl. dont like the text much. but overall good piece.
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    C & C random stuff

    I was gonna say the same. it looks over-sharpened.
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    C & C House MD

    I have to agree. I love it fana. the flow, the colours. everything is spot on. i love the right side aswell.
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    C & C Empress LP

    Ye. chin looks felgercarb. no offense. other than that its good.
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    Doesnt look like it. 1 post. aha. jokes.
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    Dopey here =)

    Im still on PR. Got like 300 odd posts, only use it now and again. not exactly known.
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    C & C An1m3

    Probably my favourite piece yet. I adore this. Nice 1 fana. :)
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    Yo guys

    Just asking :) and yeh, rb61 were the days. i was a proper scrub on there though.
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    Yo guys

    Yeh, but Amaze always changed his tag, he had amaze before aswell. rofl.