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    Silly Games

    Happy Birthday! Thanks for another amazing update. I'm glad Sydney is born it seems like Irina has been pregnant forever. At least that's my perception of it.
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    Silly Games

    Ah ha! I have read the updates and are ready to comment: Freakin' Awesome! Although I'm sad that this fic is canon and Jack will be just as bitter just as he was on the show because Irina doesn't tell him. I am glad that you show Irina's inner conflict between what she feels for Jack along with...
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    Silly Games

    Oh thank you! I am too a SD-1 refugee, it's good to see some of the fics that I loved on that site. I'll be waiting for the aftermath of that situation with Jack. Tia
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    On the Run

    Oh my goodness, this is an amazing story. Please update. Tia
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