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    Season 4 Why is episode 5 shown before episode 4?

    OMG has JJ lost it! Some body needs to teach him count!!!! Why does it have to be so confusing? GRRR! So what esp. comes on next week? Sandy05 [attachment=15647:attachment]
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    It was soo kool and Its only going to keep getting better!! The DVD set rocks. I have all 3 sessons. Sandy05 :D
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    Please help.

    OMG...How do u fall asleep during that?!! U must have not sleep in while or some thing weird like that!!! You missed out that esp. rocked. Don't miss the rest!!! Sandy05
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    Everybody Read! Breakthrough!

    that was really kool! EXTRA ... ... ... Nadia is Aidan backwards. Santos is spanish for Saint. Backwards her name is Saint Aidan, the alias of Adrian Lazarey. AND her name means Hope. didnt Saint Aidan have some thing to do with S-3??? Episode 9: Conscious thats what it was.Weird!! Sandy05
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    Who do you want back from the dead?

    I vote for Francie. Cause she was really kool before she died!!! :redhair:
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    Those are relly kool. I'm not quiet sure wat u did with them...I mean how? There so kool! Sandy05 :P
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    Sarkney Art [2]

    Sark is hot ...(Hell Ya!!!) But he doesn't fit with Vaughn body!!!! But here is one for u. [attachment=15642:attachment] I dont know how good of a picture this is. But I didn't edit it!!!! Sandy05 :reallyexcited:
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    Season 4 The problem at hand

    [attachment=15641:attachment]OMG I love the part where Syd and Weiss are in that room with that creppy wife killer guy. And the dude is like "What your real name???" and syd is like" Iam ... Iam what... I am guna kick your asss!!!!"and then Weiss is like "Son of a b****!!" and the the guy trys...
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    Anna Espinosa

    that wil be soo kick ass!! I was wondering if they were ever bring her about Sandy05 :redhair:
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    Season 5 The Awful Truth

    Its true!!! But the esp. was kool!! :D
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    Season 5 Promo from aol

    has any body seen the new one? I dont have aol?? Sandy05 :D
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    Season 5 Gasp!

    is that lauen's mom cause that would be super weird? and that lady look to young to be her. And is she coming back some time. I thougth she would be on the run becuse she was part of the Covent????Hmmmm Sandy05 :unsure:
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    Season 5 Syd & Vaughn

    OGM there is no way JJ would write Vagn out of the script like that!!!!! :reallyexcited: :redhair:
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    APO Songs?

    that was relly kool
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    Movies You Want to See!

    ELEKTRA Its going to kick butt!!