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    Carols hair style?

    I personally like the short hair style. I think it has improved from Season 1. That's just me though....
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    What character would you be? (Poll)

    I would still be
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    Congrats to our New Year's Eve Marathon Winner!

    I needed a camera more, otherwise I would have taken the comics.
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    Congrats to our New Year's Eve Marathon Winner!

    lol lego. Thank you everyone. I had fun. First time ever winning anything lol
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    Congrats to our New Year's Eve Marathon Winner!

    It really was! THANK YOU AGAIN SOOOO MUCH! Yes I had to say that in caps to match my excitement! :) This year is already starting off great! :)
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    Hello Everyone...

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    Hello Everyone...

    Aww you're kind and I am not worried Nymph. Thank you Shelly and Happy New Year as well. lol Stew. :)
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    Character Showcase & Quotes

    Makes sense to me. Brings a little extra to the character's profile. :)
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    "Cool Intro Here" Meet stewart1champ.

    Nice to meet you Stew!
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    Hello Everyone...

    I know I said hello in another forum but I figured I would make a proper introduction. My name is SapphireCrystle, and yes it is my real name. Had creative parents lol. I am 29. I currently attending college full time. Lucky for me it is break between semesters right. I also work full time...
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    Adding YouTube To Your Profile Page

    Yay! I got my own little animated signature too! lol ;)
  12. SapphireCrystle Presents The Hello Kitty Daryl Dixon Doll Giveaway!

    Norman is a pretty great guy. I didn't know much about him til about a year or so ago, I stumbled on some photos he took. Then I realized he was an actor and he was in a lot of movies I was familiar with lol :)