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    Sark or Vaughn

    I hate Vaughn(yeah,i know,that's stupid to say this this way,but i assume...) And of course i've voted SARK
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    Season 5 The Finale Rumor

    :lol: i've found no smiley to explain the way it makes me laugh...just this morning i was saying to one friend that the only one people REALLY dead in Alias was ...Danny... Ok,no,seriously that's impossible (yeah,i know nothing's impossible in Alias) Anyway i hope we won't never see him...
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    Season 4 Rate: The Road Home

    I've voted that it was a bad episode,just because that's really what i think i just didnt love it. Many reasons,but here are the most important for me: _the killer-copter...i've never seen something so...ridiculous on Alias.I hate the idea,and i admit i've almost laughed... _daddy Vaughn is not...
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    hi, i'm new

    me disait bien que je t'avais deja vue quelque part
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    hi, i'm new

    Tu es la fille qui veut envoyer Vaughn a l'hosto??? :lol:
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    Season 4 Rate: Detente

    I said it was just OK,because i actually don't really like the begining of this season.It looks like sometimes that's another show,but not ALIAS.It even arrived to annoy me(sleeping in watching alias looked impossible before). However i've loved syd and nadia on mission together,and marshall...
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    Hum,what a original title... So,hi everybody,i'm new,i'm french,where it is actually 3.00am,so of course i'm a little tired. I'm no new fan,i'm addicted since the 1st episode(since sept 2002,when it has been diffused in france) Don't know what to say more...ask me questions!
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