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    shaving (the new planking?)

    All these photo trends are getting kind of ridiculous. Any favorites? Shaving (as performed on a sad cat)
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    Music Bruno Mars

    I'm a rocker, too. But I guess my guilty pleasure is pop. He apparently writes a lot of music for other artists to use, which is really a talent, and will allow him to stay in the business.
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    Music Bruno Mars

    I'm trying to win this one sweepstakes where the winner will get a free trip to the Bahamas to see Bruno Mars over Labor Day weekend. I'm doing this for my sister, who is a fan. I haven't heard much of his much, but he seems chill. Anyone here a fan? Has anyone seen him live?
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    Deus Ex: Human Revolution

    This game looks really awesome. I'm big into this cyperpunk type future material, and this game looks like it's nailed it. Can't wait to play! Also they "hacked" their website. Anyone else excited for this?
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    Yikes! That's horrible! I remember when the ocean was so polluted at one time that nobody could get in the water. It sucked more because it was Summer.
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    Temperature is starting to get warm. I will probably head to the beach this weekend, if there isn't a crowd.
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    Music Fav hip hop video

    For hip hop listeners, what is your favorite hip hop video? Mine is California Love, for sure.
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    Anyone live near the beach? What are some of the strangest things you've seen? I used to live near Venice, so I saw a lot, including this guy: Share some of your own weird beach experiences.
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    Break stuff

    You can never go wrong with throwing it down some stairs. A majority of clips are of people throwing them out windows, and off balconies and roofs. You've gotta use stairs!
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    Break stuff

    I do remember Mr. Bill! Although, I remember The Pizza Head Show a lot more, which was poking fun of Mr. Bill. A cinderblock will not work. The television will win:
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    Break stuff

    We can throw them down some stairs. I've seen videos of that, and it pretty much takes care of the TV. Any creative ways, anyone?
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    Break stuff

    My friend is getting rid of an unusable old television, and wants to film its destruction. What should we do with? Keep in mind, we're trying to be safe, too, so no explosives.
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    The CoolSciFi Literature Poll

    What is reading?
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    Grass by Sheri S. Tepper

    Wow! I will look out for this one and mention to my book club next time they request a "sleeper".
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    Sci-Fi Avatar (2009)

    Revolutionary because of 3D, but thats about it. The next 3d movie I see is Piranha 3D. I hope fish pop out of the screen and u really get sucked in.
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