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    Batwoman (The CW, 2019-)

    I watched a few episodes and gave up. tired of hollywood fantasies about women physically fighting men on equal terms. and as mentioned the plot was a mess.
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    Which Show Would You Like to be in?

    Tom, sounds like you want to do your own tv show If I had my own show the theme would be 'Reel Ten' by The Plugz (played at the end of the original 'Repo Man' movie)
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    Which Show Would You Like to be in?

    if life were a tv show, which (sci-fi) would you like to be in? I pick Twin Peaks. fairly modern tech, present-day US, decent weather, interesting place (to say the least!). I thought about Buffy, but while I love to watch I don't think I'd last long in Sunnydale! of course the monsters...
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    Online Article; '27 Best Sci Fi Shows' online article / stuff to binge during virus a lot of obscure stuff like 'middleman' and 'counterpart' I've never seen does not include ST/TOS, nor the original Outer Limits! boo.
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    What Are The Best New SciFi Books Of 2020 (So Far)

    thanks for the info too bad sci fi today is so much weary apocalypsing and anguished teens and woke politics. and interminable series (Book One of Ten From the Save Humanity From the Evil Whatevers Series).
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    Sci-Fi Space Hero Emma Tiffany

    interesting name for character thanks for posting
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    Sci-Fi Underwater (2020) Creature Feature

    just set the thing @ 150 feet. I hear the monster is like Cthulhu (spoiler?)
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    Vast of Night

    don't think it was ever released
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    Vast of Night

    saw a preview of this the other day. looks great. modern movie set in the 1950s. phone worker and radio announcer investigate local saucer sightings. available on Amazon. a theater release is planned but might not happen
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    Please help with naming a film.

    drawing a blank maybe a foreign movie or miniseries?
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    'War of the Worlds' redo on Epix I saw the first two episodes. the aliens are not shown at all in the pilot and briefly in ep#2. it's okay. better than the syndicated one back in the 90s
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    Ecuador mob burns radio station after broadcast of "War of the Worlds" 📻👽 wow. how tragic. the power of media. one of the pay channels is running a new WotW series.
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    Jean-Luc Picard Returning! (Star Trek: Picard on CBS All Access)

    anyone watch yet? I heard the first ep was real good I don't get that whatever channel so I haven't seen maybe I'll get dvd later
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    Twighlight zone/outer limits

    might it have been 'Night Gallery'? I'm still drawing a blank
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    Twighlight zone/outer limits

    doesn't sound familiar to me. wasn't one of the newer Outer Limits was it?
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