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    Music What Are You Listening To Right Now?

    I’ve got a whole host of angels shuffling on my devices. Due to open source technological evolution and because the third industrial revolution is connection without inefficiency I would potentially be in a position to equate the universe with all music 🎵 past, present, and future; both in the...
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    Sci-Fi Beautiful sci fi doll animation

    Beautiful eh? The machine the technician was using was interesting, the animation hmmm.... stop motion perhaps? Lol, it’s got good environment and props.
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    Sci-Fi Are you imaginative?

    Imagining the animistic possibilities of art and science is the bread and butter of revealence; with the help of Heavy Metal the A.R. App that with specially illustrated comics reveals what the future of interactive graphic novels can breathe into a utopia of sci-fi equations, is by far the best...
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    UFO Chinese military working on "UFO" helicopter

    Hue moi zoey averow rendlechum symbiotik essence less then transcendence without armory, and panels that convert.
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    Reality Science Fiction

    I’m carefully considering how you endeavored with vocational uniqueness, and despite the double negative of reality fiction as a genre of single sided content. It’s interpretation is in the readers gig girl person, write more is what I would recommend sense writing is language.
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    Sci-Fi Describe Something SciFi

    No birth to and in of itself is off limits to destiny as energy, cinergy, or brethren or sisterhood, what is game? What is Love? If you can ask you can understand.
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    Sci-Fi Describe Something SciFi

    Stand on your own Snuggly Scalpel Scortch baby snowy talons, challenge calmness if you think movies are as dead as who we are!!!!!
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    Sci-Fi Newb wants a good read! ;)

    Philip K. Dick’s Valis, The Fountains of Paradise Arthur C.Clarke (R.I.P.) likewise Beyond the Fall of Night, 2061:odyssey 3, Cradle by A.C.Clarke & Gentry Lee, China Mieville’s Perdido Street Station, All Tomorrow’s Parties- Virtual Light- Necromancer by William Gibson. In my opinion these...
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    My Christdember Movie list

    Christmas Vacation, 2, The Christmas Chronicles, Arthur’s Christmas, Ernest Saves Christmas, and Home Alone.
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    Sci-Fi Describe Something SciFi

    More idea’s please. 🚭📎
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    Sci-Fi Blade Runner (1982) & Blade Runner: 2049 (2017)

    interlinked cells, interlinked. The promise of Big Brother, we are watching it all!!!
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    Politics Conspiracy Theories

    Paredolia- seeing what one wants, when conditions are favorable, yet it’s a matter of perspective. Mindzeye
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