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    French music..

    Ooh right now I'm listening to Coeur De Pirate, also I don't think this really counts, but I've been listening to the french versions of disney songs to practice. The lyrics are so much prettier than the english versions!
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    The Facebook

    Whoa there's an AA group!? I actually remember typing in allalias for fun once and nothing happened. How exciting!!
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    An Inconvenient Truth

    I saw the movie with my cousins. It's so shocking. And then I tried to get a bunch of my friends to watch, but they refuse.
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    Learning to Drive

    I finally got around to learning!! I never really got around to it because we have a pretty good public transportation system, but I need an official ID and my parents refuse to pay 12 dollars for the California ID. My problems are changing lanes when there's lots of cars around and parking...
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    When Does Your School Start?

    Jeez that's close. I'm in my high school to college summer, so I'm moving in september 16th! :P
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    The Series Finale

    I liked it. I actually thought it was better than the alias finale. :heh:
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    Not Pictured

    Yeah that was an incredible twist!! *Sniff* I liked Beaver... I could be reading too much into it, but when Clarence called Duncan, Duncan picked up saying "CW", I know that's the guy's initials, but it's also the name of that new network. And since Clarence said "Done deal", does that mean...
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    Halliwell Manor (Charmed Central)

    I just started watching again. Getting very interesting. :)
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    Season 5 CountDown to Final Season

    :rotflmao: nice! Kinda sad, but I just realized it's on next week the day before yesterday. Ah how horrible of me. But it's also good because of less waiting? :unsure:
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    Anti-Vaughn club

    Ahaha, that was great! Wow I should have returned to this thread sooner. (Actually I did see it earlier, but never replied and I just remembered it was so great that I had to.) :) Now bookmarking...
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    Oh yeah I remember reading through the pro-Syd thread too. And I agree that the whole emotional, crying, jumping to conclusions deal is very justified and understandable that it's been lasting very long. It's just not all that great to watch. One episode of it was good for me. But the same...
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    Alias Quote Conversations

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    :lol: Oh right, hmm from interpreting the finales I remember my first impression of s3 was that she was going to destroy the CIA. That was also my first impression of s4! Sydney is... was the revenge type person. I wanna see more of that. Even though if I see it now, I'll probably think...
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    :rotflmao: You're so right after I read that I tried to picture Sydney walking in my head. The small quick steps, the slightly swingy but stiff arms. And that expression. :lol: Season three Syd didn't bother me as much. She was still the Sydney I admired up until the "I can't live without...
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    what do you think of addison?

    I really like her and I don't know why!