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    Nicely written. All their lines made them sound just like they appear on the show. Excellent work. :up:
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    Thinking about you

    I hope you read and like this one. I think it's a bit clumsy, but...I try my best. :)
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    Thinking about you

    Hello again! Thanks to all who read my fic... I know it has been almost six months, but here it goes..: ------- Sark stood in front of a cinema. He was holding 7 red roses in his hands. ''I wonder if I am in a right place..'' Sark looked at his watch: 11.00 pm. ''Damn, I'm out of here! She's...
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    Hei!!!! Kiva että täällä on muitakin suomalaisii, mäkin luulin olevani ainut! Oon 100% koukussa Aliakseen ja mun lempparihahmot on Sark ja Sydney... :blush:
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    Thinking about you

    Author: SecretSark Summary: Sarks and Sydneys ''debut''. A/N: I'm from Finland, so I may do some mistakes in my writing... Julian was on his way to the biggest bank of New York. He was just 18 years old, but he already worked there (his father owned the bank). Hi was in his office when a young...
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